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Laser LightSheer
Laser hair removal once and for all in a few sessions, free yourself from your unwanted hair in a few sessions…
We guarantee quality care because we have chosen to use a gun with a LightSheer laser head of 9 x 9 mm (ET model) which allows a better treatment guaranteed.
It takes a little longer in a session, but the end result is 100% more effective.

laser gun
laser gun

The Laser LightSheer produces a highly concentrated light beam with a specific wavelength.
This light beam is sent a fraction of a second to the hairs.
The energy of the laser light is absorbed by the pigment on the hair.
In this way, the cells of the hair root are selectively heated and destroyed.
In order to protect the epidermis (skin), the laser has a cooled head (5 ° C).
This helps deliver more energy while protecting the epidermis (skin).
The cooled handle gives a pleasant feeling during handling and greatly limits the tingling sensation caused by warming so that the treatment is peaceful.
This Lightsheer laser is used for sensitive areas (armpits and bikini) as well as for more robust hairs (beard for a man for example).
For men and women.

Laser for permanent hair removal recognized for many years.
Laser for permanent hair removal recognized for many years.
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