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Safely remove your tattoo.
You want a new start, a new skin, have your tattoo removed by our laser designer and our German brand laser Goldeneye, specialist in permanent makeup: https://goldeneye.de/
Whether it is to remove it completely or to redo one afterwards, we take care of it.

Removal tatoo

Laser technology Golden i-Laser with three wavelengths (1064nm, 532nm, 755nm) to erase the different types of colors of tattoos.
How it works ?
First, meet our laser technician for a 15 min consultation in order to understand how it goes (see Oa6 Oberfeulen agenda)
Need a price? Send us an email with a photo of your tatoo and its dimensions.
You wish to contact us, call us on +352 20 30 14 66 or +352 661 201 600
What makes the new Golden i-Laser laser tattoo removal technology different from previous technologies?
In order to effectively treat amateur and / or professional tattoos, the laser beam used must penetrate the skin deeply and with sufficient power to fragment the ink molecules.
Laserlux works with renowned lasers and advanced technologies. Our devices emit a light beam with the right wavelength depending on the colors (several laser heads)
Then the body removes the ink particles via your lymphatic circuit (cleaning or purifying) The laser only causes the natural system.
For most patients, the number of sessions required is therefore halved and the end result is more complete.

How many sessions are necessary to completely remove the tattoo?
The number of sessions depends on several factors including:
• the colors of the tattoo
• the intensity and chemical composition of the tattoo
• his greatness
• its location on the body
• the variable speed and ease with which each person’s body removes the pigment.
After each session, your tattoo will leave more and more, the number of treatments depends on the quality of the ink used, the color (if there is) and the depth. We are offering an initial consultation to discuss this with you.
How does the tattoo react during the session?
The passage of the laser beam can cause “frosting”, that is to say a temporary whitening of a few minutes, especially observed during the first sessions often sign of a good reaction.
We can also observe a micro-bleeding then a temporary light edema in the treated area (rare).
Then the pigments will tend to stand out and give a darker shade to the tattoo for a few days.
It is advisable to apply creams, prescribed during the first consultation, and a bandage until total healing is achieved.
To avoid the risk of infections, bathing is not recommended unless an occlusive dressing is applied to the treated area.
The process usually takes 7-10 days.
Sun exposure in the treated area is not recommended within 6 months of a session. After 1 month, with no sign of inflammation and with the practitioner’s consent, exposures can be made with a SPF 50+ protection index.
If the pigments used by the tattoo artist contain metals, the tattoo may change color after the first treatment. During the next session, an adjustment of the device will allow the new color to be treated specifically.
Treatment results may vary from person to person and are therefore not guaranteed. Thus, they do not engage the members of the cabinet, its staff, or even any third party.
Can I redo a tattoo on the treated area?
It is entirely possible to tattoo a treated area again.
The number of sessions required is then lower and we leave it to the tattoo artist to assess whether the tattoo is sufficiently attenuated to be able to perform its “cover” work.
For a tattoo of equal size and quality, the laser treats more efficiently and therefore requires fewer sessions than traditional technologies.

Is the Golden i-Laser tattoo removal treatment painful? What is the healing time? Are there any side effects?
Patients experience a pinching, tugging or burning sensation of varying intensity during the session. The average length of a session depends on the size of your tattoo. After the treatment, the skin reacts similarly to a sunburn and can develop micro-crusts, small blisters and subsequently peeling. The application of a restorative cream is required for the following days and sun protection of the area is necessary at all times during the series of treatments.
How much does the Golden i-Laser tattoo removal treatment cost?
It is not as simple, removing a tattoo is more expensive than putting it given the number of sessions it takes, you can send us a message, email with a photo, we can give you an idea of ​​price. The best thing is to come and consult us to see together.
Does it hurt ?
Our customers say themselves that it is completely bearable, that they feel almost nothing (unlike the old systems which, they hurt more than putting the tattoo)
Does it leave traces?
If you follow the instructions, your skin will become as before.
How long between sessions:
Between each session, it takes + -8 weeks. This is because you have to give your skin time to remove the pigments that have been pulsed.

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