Tired of waxing?
Too expensive, painful, repetitive throughout life?
Laser hair removal is the SIMPLE, EASY and PERMANENT solution for you.
Treat yourself, become free
What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a modern technique.
Traditional methods are brutal. Indeed, the hair is torn off.
So you want painful or gentle hair removal?
Opt for the laser method! It is a form of gentle hair removal.
Indeed, laser hair removal works by using the melanin naturally present in the hair.
The laser sends pure light energy into the hair, the heat of which is transported by the melanin to the root of the hair, which removes it.
Also for your comfort and safety, the laser is equipped with a cooling head which comes into contact with your skin and ensures that you get a feeling of freshness. Also note that the surrounding skin and subcutaneous blood vessels are protected from the laser.
Thus, after 5 to 8 treatments, laser hair removal leads to permanent hair removal.
How many sessions?
The number of sessions is based on the area to be epilated, the type of skin, your hair and the color of your hair. However, in order to be most efficient and serve you better, we offer you a free test session. During this session I explain how it works and we test the laser on the part to be treated. Depending on how you react to this laser hair removal, we determine how many sessions are necessary.
more wax in the trash, cream in streams etc …
The laser is the solution for the planet.
Price comparison:
armpit every month for a cost of 12 € per session
Either per year = 12 × 12 = € 144
Either over 30 years = 4.320 €
Laser hair removal from the same area:
On average 6 sessions at 120 € = 720 € (1 session every 6 weeks)
The effects are visible from the first session.
You win with the laser: € 3,600
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