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Presentation of photo rejuvenation treatment
1. The laser
2. The vegetable charcoal mark
First of all, we use a laser and Charocoal mask based on charcoal from Bruno Vassari in order to obtain a more effective effect.
To start, I advise you to read the article: photo rejuvenation info A lot of information is there and very well explained. Remember that we use the mask in addition, which gives a higher efficiency.

Photo-rajeunissement au laser et masque Bruno Vassari
Photo-rajeunissement au laser et masque Bruno Vassari

Before the session:
1. come cleanse
2. If you have the possibility, make a scrub 1 or days before, removing dead skin will allow the active ingredient to have more performance and therefore a result higher than normal.
3. Plan 6 sessions spaced 2 to 4 weeks each. (depending on your skin)
4. In summer, it will be advisable to put sunscreen for 1 week (In the article in reference, they say 2 weeks before and after, not necessary with us because we use a mask and not a gel.)
Our nurse will explain the whole treatment and what to do.
Need more information, contact us we are at your disposal.
Charcoal mask:
Charcoal and glycolic acid mask
Mask formulated with charcoal and glycolic acid. The charcoal absorbs oil, impurities and environmental toxins to help detoxify the skin and descale the pores. It also includes glycolic acid which provides superficial exfoliation leaving the skin soft and radiant.

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